The Club UK

Do you feel the UK is trapped within a system that’s no longer fit for purpose? Are you concerned about the state of our politics, undermining of democracy and other British values?

I invite you to join The Club UK, a politically neutral grassroots movement working towards change of the status quo.

About us

My name is Vivian Williams and I am the founder of The Club UK, a newly-launched  membership organisation aiming to change the persistent complacency about politics and create a new and fair system for all.

This is my first time being an activist and during my working career I spent 26 years in various management roles in the construction industry.

As an honest British Citizen, I have become extremely disillusioned with the political direction of our existing parties and their absolute determination to widen the gap between the Rich and Poor to the detriment of those less well off.

Their continued disrespectful referrals to the unfortunate or impoverished working people are shameful and their system of governance needs to be completely restructured.

I decided to stop being part of the silent majority, ignored and taken for granted by the mainstream, and create a platform for pooling ideas from across the population to form a new and truly democratic vision for the UK.

I have set up this campaign to introduce this  initiative to more like-minded people, find supporters and raise funds for further development.

Our vision

The Club UK is a membership organisation created by and for the people living in the UK.

Our main aim is to reinstate respect and appreciation for all.  As a country we have to look after our elderly, infirm, poor and less well off equally and repair the system which is purely set up to enhance lives of the wealthy at the expense of the poor.

Everyone who decides to join us can submit their views, wishes, ideas and visions and play an active role in challenging the existing power structures.

Current setup

The Club UK is a grassroots membership organisation for individuals over the age of 16 residing in the UK.

We have two membership tiers - one for individuals and another for a group of four people over the age of 16 who live at the same address.

We plan to form a Committee to formulate a constitution, a set of internal rules and help us meet applicable legal requirements.

At the moment our technical structure is simple: we run a website, Facebook page and YouTube channel. We will soon also have an email where you can contact us and send your suggestions.

We are also open to working with sponsors who could support our activities and our vision.

Fundraising goals

Our priority at the moment is to increase our membership base by recruiting members from across the UK.

As part of this process we will look for highly skilled individuals to be involved in the  recruitment and organising of a national organisation. Though we are not a political party we want to pursue this path in the long term.

We are also raising funds to develop our existing website. We plan to upgrade the members area by adding a forum and a blog. To do so we want to create a small IT and admin team.

We will shortly be adding a small range or Merchandise that displays both the '5 flag logo' and 'Our Country Needs You' logo.

Become a member. We hope that you have enjoyed our introduction to TheClubUK and what we wish to achieve. You will probably agree that we are the only ones that are prepared to stand up and build a platform with which we can possible bring major change and reorganisation for our Country. No other Political Party, proposed Political Party or any other organisation are taking any steps at all to right all the wrongs. Please join us as we value your inputs, ideas and possibly help. As a member you will also have access to the forum, where you can contact each other or put your views forward, directly, where others can see them as well as respond to them. We hope you can help us rectify some of the many wrongs that our politicians are doing to the masses and hopefully we can reduce any fallout that may happen as a result of their intentions to follow the agenda for RESET and One World Order - which will be detrimental to many of us - the normal population.

Join us


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